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Precautions on Die Maintenance

1.Regularly disassemble, clean and maintain the runner to check its flatness.
2.Upon disassembling and cleaning, it is necessary to protect the sharp corners of the lips and the runner. In case a damage or a nick occurs  , consult a professional for guidance.
3.Never use hard tools such as steel to clean the runner and sealing area to avoid damage.
4.Inspection on electrical safety for possible damage is required. If occurs, replace in time.
5.Check whether the sealing surface is flat and sound.
6. Check the fastening screws for tightness.

Die Repairing

Scratches on die lip surface;burrs on the sheets; adjustment of flatness; replacing of the heating elements;  fixing of die lips, core rods and choke device Fail to unscrew on the body; fine-tuning element damaged; electro-plating layer comes off;
Renovating , including reconditioning and electro-plating, of old dies to attain the performance of a new die.
Parts booking

Spare parts Booking

We provide our customers with all parts and services available in the industry, maintaining an inventory of all standard spare parts, including spare parts for old products and various non-standard accessories.  

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